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Welcome to "Ch’Anne "!



That's what my friends call my little paradise for Maine Coons - "Chez Anne".


Many wonderful stories start off with a setback; without going into details, we lost the only cat that my husband John had ever liked.  Since I adore cats, I decided to see what I could do.  I never thought that things would work out so well!


Not an expert, I spent a lot of time getting all the information I could on different races of cat, and their characteristics.  The 'Maine Coon' race soon stood out from the crowd - as the cats themselves do - as the cat that everyone adores, even those who normally prefer dogs!


There's no need to talk here about their physical characteristics, other sites do that very well.


I'd rather talk briefly about the daily peace and joy that our Maine Coons give us.


Like most felines, they are beautiful, strong and graceful, but unlike some, also playful, gentle and very gregarious.  A typical Maine Coon is always present without being invasive; neither in your lap, nor hidden in some remote, dark corner, just somehow always 'there'.


When we come home, there's always one or two waiting at the door for us.  When we are doing something around the house, there's always one 'helping' with the task.


So, finally, why this site?  Well, I decided to share my passion for my lovely cats with a wider audience, and yes, show them off a little.  We have a small breeding program, and have a few kittens for sale each year.


Please see the 'Weddings' and 'Our Kittens' pages for more information.